If you are self employed and you do not have up to date company or personal tax returns then a low doc Asset loan may be the right solution for your lending needs if you are purchasing an Asset. Low Doc Asset Loans are not only available for the purchase of Passenger and Light Commercials Vehicles they can also be used to purchase small to medium Trucks, Specialised Heavy Commercial vehicles, Buses, Backhoes, Excavators, Forklifts, Trailers and other mobile Plant and Machinery Equipment.

Low Doc Asset Loans are only available for Self Employed Applicants to purchase an asset that is used for prominently Business purposes.

No deposit required if you have equity in real estate or a deposit applies (20% either through a trade-in or via cash) – Must be ABN registered.

If you have a credit default, bad credit or do not meet the prime criteria above Low Doc Mortgages  have a large range of lenders to find a suitable low doc loan solution for your new asset purchase.

Whether you are buying a new or used Asset from a dealer, at auction or from a friend we’ll make it quick and easy. Start your application online now

  • Borrow from $10,000 up to $300,000 with good credit
  • Borrow from $10,000 up to $125,000 with Bad Credit option.
  • Paid Defaults Accepted under Bad Credit Option
  • Must be an ABN holder and registered for GST if over the income threshold.
  • Individuals, companies and trusts
  • Large range of lenders to find a suitable low doc loan solution for your new asset purchase.

There are many factors taken into account to determine the interest rate you may be charged on your Low Doc Car Loan including, but not limited to:

  • your credit rating relative to other borrowers and how well you have managed debt in the past;
  • your residential profile such as whether you own, are buying or renting your home;
  • age of the business and Assets position
  • the type of goods your are buying and whether they are new or used;
  • the amount you are borrowing and the loan amount relative to the value of the goods being financed; and
  • the structure of the loan.

In order to determine the interest rate Low Doc Mortgages will be able to arrange for you, you will need to complete and submit our online form so that we can undertake a final assessment.