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Low Doc Loans for Rural /Farming
If you are self employed and you do not have up to date company or personal tax returns then a low doc  loan may be the right solution for your lending needs if you are purchasing or refinancing a rural agricultural property.

  • Low Doc Rural Loans available to Self Employed Borrowers
  • Purchase or Refinance up to 55% of the properties value (First Mortgage).
  • 2nd Mortgage to 65% LVR
  • Individuals, companies and trusts
Loan purpose Rural / Agricultural / Farming
Loan term First Mortgage: 12 > 24 months

Second Mortgage 3 >  9 months

Interest type Fixed rate.
Repayment type Interest-only or pre-paid
Repayment options Monthly
Repayment method Direct debit only.
Maximum Loan to Improved Land > 55% LVR on a first mortgage
Credit history Past credit impairment can be considered at higher rates and fees
Loan size $1 > 5 million First Mortgage to maximum 55% LVR

$200 > $600 Second Mortgage to maximum 65% LVR

Loan Purpose Rural or Agri farm land
Acceptable Applicants Individuals, Companies and Trusts
Early Repayment Fee  1 > 3 months interest
Annual Rollover Case by Case
Current Mortgage Arrears in last 6 months Can be considered on a case by case
Debt Consolidation Unlimited to Maximum LVR

*Interest Rates: All rates are subject to change without notice. Please check all rates and terms before applying.
Low Doc loans are designed for the self-employed or small company borrower/s whose financial statements may not be available. Reasons for this may encompass: Their accountant hasn’t completed and lodged their financials.