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Resimac Low Doc Loans for Residential Properties
It is now a requirement by law to provide some evidence for serviceability, This is largely fuelled by the NCCP responsible lending requirements which has seen the most marked change to the low doc environment. There are a range of different types of evidence that can be provided to justify income stated, including accountants‚ declarations, business activity statements, tax returns and bank statements can all be suitable.

The main documents that this funder will accept that can be used to verify your income are:

  • 6 months of Lodged BAS Statements
  • An Accountants Letter verifying your income.
  • 6 months of Business bank statements
Loan purpose Residential or Investment purpose for both Purchase or Refinancing
Loan term 1 > 40 years.
Interest type Variable rate.
Repayment type Principal & interest, or interest-only up to 5 years then principal & interest on investment properties only.
Repayment options Monthly, fortnightly or weekly.
Repayment method Direct debit only.
Maximum Loan to 90% LVR on both Purchasing and Refinancing.
Acceptable Applicants Individuals, Companies and Trusts
Minimum loan size $100,000
Maximum loan size $750,000 @ 90% LVR
$1,000,000 @ 85% LVR
$1,250,000 @ 80% LVR
$1,750,000 @ 75% LVR
$2.000,000 @ 70% LVR
$2,500,000 @ 65% LVR
*Cat A (Capital City or Major Regional) lower maximum loans for other post codes on application
Credit history *Ignore defaults, writs or summons under $2,000
**Ignore any defaults, writs or summons paid over 12 months ago
***Ignore any defaults, writs or summons listed over 24 months ago – paid or unpaid.
Discharged Bankrupts or Part 9 or 10 2 years from discharge date
Cash Out Unlimited Cash out to maximum 80% LVR and to maximum lvr for all acceptable purposes including business purposes including payout ATO debts, working capital and purchasing business equipment.
Current Mortgage Arrears in last 6 months Nil Allowed.
Debt Consolidation Unlimited to Maximum LVR.
Security Type House, townhouse or unit within acceptable locations with zoning of either Residential or Rural Residential to 25 acres.

*Terms and conditions apply – Please check all rates and terms before applying.
Low Doc loans are designed for the self-employed or small company borrower/s whose financial statements may not be available. Reasons for this may encompass: Their accountant hasn’t completed and lodged their financials.